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Every chiropractor practices a little differently. With 20 years of experience, Dr. Gannon has found that many of his patients describe his chiropractic examination and treatments as very thorough. Below are a few of the more common questions that people tend to ask.

  • What injuries/problems does Dr. Gannon treat?
    Dr. Gannon may be able to help with the symptoms associated with: Back Pain Neck Pain Herniated/"Slipped" Discs Sciatica Headaches Rib injuries Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Vertigo/Dizziness Shoulder Pain - frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, strains/sprains Hip Pain Ankle Sprains Runner's Knee Plantar Fasciitis Tennis/Golfer's Elbow Tendinitis Arthritis
  • What should I expect at my first visit?
    Case History The initial step is for Dr. Gannon to review your paperwork and ask further questions about your condition and history. Further notes are made to your chart depending on your answers. This case history helps to narrow down the possible causes of your symptoms and determines if there are aspects of your case that require different approaches than other patients. Examination The next step is to conduct a physical examination which may mean touching or palpating areas of your body. This will also include physical tests involving movement of the body and limbs, testing the various tissues that may be contributing to your issues. This may also involve checking your reflexes and a neurological system examination that could point to an injury involving your nerves. An x-ray or other imaging is recommended in some cases. Diagnosis The examination provides clues as to what is causing the problem. After having gathered all of this information, as long as no further testing or imaging is required, Dr. Gannon will provide a diagnosis. If it is suspected that the problem is caused by something out of chiropractic scope of practice, he will refer to a specialist or other health care provider. Informed Consent Dr. Gannon will discuss the informed consent form with you and request your signature before the examination. Informed consent is about ensuring the patient is clear as to the diagnosis, treatment options and anticipated outcomes of the treatment. You will be encouraged to ask questions if anything is unclear. Treatment Dr. Gannon will propose and discuss a treatment plan including the number of visits required. Once you understand your treatment plan and feel comfortable moving forward, he will treat you with manual therapy techniques, which may include an adjustment. If you have a condition to which joint manipulation is contraindicated or you are not comfortable with an adjustment, the Dr. Gannon will utilize other therapies to treat you. He may recommend co-treatment with other healthcare providers (family doctor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, etc) if this will improve your rate and quality of recovery. Prevention The chiropractor will help you identify the cause of your condition, whether it is from poor posture, a repetitive strain injury or anything else in between. Dr. Gannon will prescribe various exercises and offer lifestyle advice to accompany your treatment plan. The goal is to get you well sooner and keep you well.
  • What is an adjustment?
    Also known as spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), an adjustment is a therapeutic treatment using highly-skilled and precise movements to the vertebrae of the spine, correcting joint motion to restore proper movement and improve function. (This motion can be accompanied by an audible pop. When a joint is adjusted, an air bubble may escape from the lubricating fluid in the joint capsule causing the popping noise, similar to cracking your knuckles.)
  • Is chiropractic care safe?
    Chiropractic care has proven to be safe and effective for neck and back pain. A comprehensive review of scientific evidence noted that there is as much evidence supporting chiropractic care as for other treatments such as prescription and non-prescription drugs and surgery. Doctors of Chiropractic work with patients to achieve and document informed consent, which involves describing the risks and benefits of all treatment options before performing the selected treatment. The most common side effects associated with chiropractic care are temporary. These are typical symptoms of increased pain, radiating pain, and/or stiffness that usually resolve within 24 hours of treatment. Serious complications are rarely associated with chiropractic care.
  • Is neck manipulation safe?
    Millions of neck manipulations are performed safely each year by chiropractors. They provide patients with relief from neck pain and headaches and help them to get back to their normal activities. If you suffer from neck pain or headaches, be very specific about your symptoms. Clarity will help Dr. Gannon offer the safest and most effective treatment, even if it involves referral to another health care provider.
  • Is there parking near the clinic?
    Please see this article regarding parking near the chiropractic clinic in Lower Lonsdale:
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