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Lower Lonsdale Chiropractor Clinic Parking Recommendations

Updated: May 10

We all know that parking in Lower Lonsdale has become more and more challenging over time.

While I would love for all of my patients to be able to utilize active mobility to visit the clinic (motion is lotion!), this is not always practical.

With this in mind, when visiting the new Lower Lonsdale chiropractor clinic, here are some recommendations and advice regarding parking in Lower Lonsdale when you are visiting the chiropractor.

Do not park under or behind the clinic building (224 W Esplanade - Harbour Quay). This is all reserved parking.

Pay parking under the Time Marketplace building - Shopper's Drug Mart/IGA supermarket (soon to be Fresh Street Market) - is typically abundant and is a short walk from the clinic. Access is driving westbound on Esplanade between Lonsdale Avenue and Chesterfield.

Lower Lonsdale Chiropractic Clinic Parking
Access to Time Market parkade from Esplanade

The closest paid parking is under Sailor Hagar's Brew Pub (access off Semisch Ave between W Esplanade and W 1st Street). A warning that this parkade has some tight spots to navigate and the pay machine is terribly slow.

Lower Lonsdale Dr. Ryan Gannon Chiropractor Clinic parking options
Access to public parking under Sailor Hagar's Brew Pub

Lower Lonsdale Dr. Ryan Gannon Chiropractor Clinic parking options
A street view of the parking access

There is ample pay parking at the gravel parking lot at Mosquito Creek Marina, especially in the afternoon and evenings when many of the other parking lots in the area are busier. Park in the corner closest to the BCIT Marine Campus and railroad tracks for a short walk to the clinic. Please note that this parking lot is sometimes closed as it gets rented for the day/week by film crews.

Lower Lonsdale Dr. Ryan Gannon Chiropractor Clinic parking options
Some recommended parking options in Lower Lonsdale

Typically, the best street parking is on Mahon Avenue between W 1st and W 3rd Street.

Of course, Lower Lonsdale is a transit corridor so there is always plenty of public transport traveling through the area!

See you soon and don't drive angry.

Dr. Ryan Gannon

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