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Work and Study Desk Ergonomics

While humans are capable of sitting, research has shown that it is an action we should only be doing for short periods, infrequently throughout our day. However, the average North American now sits for approximately 12 hours per day. Between sitting for meals, sitting in vehicles, at their work desk and then for a couple of hours on the couch, unwinding at night, the hours quickly add up. Now multiply this by the years since we began school...

sitting disease infographic
Studies show how significantly sitting for prolonged periods affects our health

Studies have shown that spending at least 2 minutes away from the computer workstation, walking, at least every 60 minutes, can significantly reduce the negative health impacts of sitting. Moving for longer than 2 minutes and more frequently than every 60 minutes compounds the benefits.

A standing desk reduces some of the health issues associated with sitting desks, but does not eliminate all problems as standing in one spot for long periods also places repetitive strain on certain areas of the body. A stand-sit desk is the happy medium, as research has shown that sitting for 20-30 minutes for every 2 hours of standing provides a respite to various muscles and ligaments.

Proper work and study desk ergonomics, whether sitting or standing, decreases the likelihood of developing injuries of the back and neck, wrist and elbow, as well as the hips. Note that the forearms need to be supported, either on chair arms or on the desktop.

Proper work and study desk ergonomics
Proper work and study desk ergonomics

Furthermore, with increased work from home and remote work trends, more people are using laptops as their primary computer which has pronounced postural and ergonomic effects.

A laptop stand with external keyboard and mouse is are essential for improved ergonomics

Woman with poor laptop computer posture
This woman will be visiting my chiropractic clinic soon...

For those individuals wanting further information on work and study desk ergonomics or if you follow these recommendations and still experience pain, an in-clinic assessment can be performed to identify the underlying issues that are causing your problems. Appointments can be booked online for my chiropractic clinic in Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver.

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